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The modern scientific management

material selection, processing, and strict management is the guiding ideology of the Division I

Advanced technology and equipment

the first company in the vermiculite, mica processing pipeline operations,  can process various grades Minerals

stable product quality

the company since its inception, adhering to the high-quality, low-cost services in a timely manner The purpose of the past few years was a great development

timely delivery period

quality transportation services is our guarantee good service every customer group This requirement

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Hebei Leijie Trade Company Ltd.lies in Shijiazhuang city,which belong to Hebei Province,only 240km to Beijing, and 320km to Tianjin Port, so it is very convenient for products' transporting and exporting,Our factory is one of the largest manufacturers of non-metallic minerals, especially in processing vermiculite and mica.we have advanced technology in producing.Our products are exported to Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe and other countries and areas and are widely used in building material, horticulture, ceramic, metallurgical, insulation, refractory, chemical, machinery, light-industry, abrasive and aerospace industries etc. We believe that after our joint efforts, both of us will have a bright future!

Our business purpose

"to quality of survival.to the credibility of development, the principle of win-win"

Our philosophy

qulity assurance, reasonable prinse and credibility first, service to the superior

Our development strategy

"Technology strong internal strength,integrity conquer the world."


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Web order vermiculite products need to examine a few points

09:48:50 | Nov 11,2016

Order vermiculite through the network channels, especially for the first time to buy products, the concerns

Vermiculite manufacturers stop producing only for that touch of blue on the sky

15:29:00 | Nov 10,2016

Before 2008, China s economy rapidly developed, heavy industrial enterprises entered into the stage

Vermiculite manufacturers concentrated areas

14:45:15 | Nov 09,2016

Concentrated areas of vermiculite manufacturers: Hebei Shijiazhuang Lingshou and Xinjiang Yili

Vermiculite cargo loading out of the garage

14:15:44 | Nov 09,2016

Vermiculite cargo loading out of the garage

The real reason for the popularity of sand lacquer

14:46:37 | Nov 04,2016

With the construction industry from time to time pursuing better and better specifications on exterior paint, people are using the wisdom mind to

How to identify mica powder?

11:57:53 | Nov 03,2016

Mica powder identification is very simple Generally have the following methods first of all, the whiteness of mica powder is not high,

How to classify quartz sand?

11:04:42 | Nov 02,2016

Because of the high fire resistance of quartz, in industry it is often divided into ordinary quartz sand, refined quartz sand,

What's medical stone?

14:50:33 | Oct 31,2016

Medical stone, alias: longevity stone, health stone, refining rocks, horse teeth sand, bean residue stone,

The benefit of vermiculite for raising meat-plants

10:07:02 | Oct 28,2016

Vermiculite as succulents nutrition soil is deeply loved by the flesh friend Generally speaking

Use vermiculite rooting

17:28:50 | Oct 26,2016

Vermiculite can hold a good growing conditions of humidity because of its strong water retention and permeability

Sound-absorbing Vermiculite Plate with High Quality

11:37:44 | Oct 24,2016

Sound-absorbing vermiculite plate is made of expanded vermiculite and a certain amount of adhesive and formed after hot pressing or cold pressing

The Natural Sand and Its Use

11:02:06 | Oct 24,2016

Color sand now is divided into natural sand, permanent stained sand and temporary stained sand Permanent stained sand: bright colors, acid and alkali

What is Kaolin?

13:36:06 | Oct 19,2016

Kaolin also called china clay, soft white clay that is an essential ingredient in the manufacture of china and percelain and

Influence of sepiolite fiber on insulation materials properties

12:03:51 | Oct 19,2016

Fire engineering often add a lot of additives to improve the insulation materials properties, to improve the construction and use quality of insulation material

environment - friendly colored sand exterior wall coating

11:04:19 | Oct 17,2016

Features and performance analysis of environment - friendly colored sand exterior wall coating

Increase the inventory of vermiculite products in response to changing climate

13:43:19 | Oct 15,2016

First of all, you need to clear the expanded vermiculite products can not be a long time inventory In particular,

High quality aggregate hydrophobic swelling perlite

10:15:20 | Oct 13,2016

Hydrophobic perlite is a glassy granular products It is a certain size of perlite after the appropriate temperature preheating

Heavy calcium carbonate can be divided into several categories

09:28:26 | Oct 13,2016

Heavy calcium carbonate can be divided into several categories according to the thickness

True mica powder and False mica powder? How to identify it?

10:58:18 | Sep 30,2016

Actually, it s easy to identify mica powder There are three methods as follows:

How To Use Trourmaline Ceramic Ball?

09:11:55 | Sep 29,2016

Tourmaline ceramic ball can be put directly into the tank Family bathing time, it can be put directly into the bathtub

Cosmetics common mica and talc what it is not harmful to the skin? Those minera

14:19:14 | Sep 28,2016

Mica manufacturer, leijie of Hebei province became provide you with various types of vermiculite and mica

Exported to Japan for warm baby vermiculite powder

10:17:02 | Sep 28,2016

The emergence of warm baby solved the problem of local insulation in winter The research of warm baby has also

Vermiculite producers Secret in soilless culture applications

15:06:31 | Sep 24,2016

Horticultural vermiculite can be used for flowers, vegetables, fruit cultivation, breeding and other aspects Except

Quartz sand

10:17:49 | Sep 23,2016

Quartz is the most important sand-forming mineral and occurs in very many sand types but usually

Vermiculite as soil into the box

11:07:11 | Sep 19,2016

Vermiculite as soil into the box Growing plants in space, harder than imagined In limited load circumstances, Temp